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`September 2015 : prices list

posted 3 Sept 2015, 02:16 by Emmanuelle Barbarin   [ updated 3 Sept 2015, 02:16 by Nicolas Fabre ]
Prices are EXW and EX VAT/ subject to stock

Prices for : 1 container / 10 inverters / 10 kits. 

1 USD = 0,8933915€

BrandmodelP (wp)typePrice (€/wp)Dispo
KoraxKS265   +5% bonus265mono0,5852weeks
KoraxKS255P +5% bonus255poly0,5552weeks
Q.cellsQPRO G3/G4 255255poly0,572dispo
Q.cellsQPRO G3/G4 260260poly0,572dispo
Q.cellsQPRO G3/G4 265265poly0,582dispo
ConergyPower Plus 255255poly0,576dispo
ConergyPower Plus 260260poly0,587dispo
ConergyPE NOIR 260 FULL BLACK260mono0,648dispo
SolarworldSW 250 P250poly0,571dispo
SolarworldSW 260 P260poly0,571dispo
SolarworldSW 260260mono0,612dispo
SolarworldSW 265 265mono0,651dispo
SolarworldSW 280280mono0,701dispo
SolarworldSW 285285mono0,710dispo
SolarworldSW 290290mono0,720dispo
SolarworldSW 250 FULL BLACK250mono0,692dispo
SolarworldSW 275 FULL BLACK275mono0,731dispo
SolarworldSW 280 FULL BLACK280mono0,741dispo
LuxorLX 200P - 48200poly0,556dispo
LuxorLX 200M - 72200mono0,587dispo
LuxorLX 200M - 72 FULL BLACK200mono0,627dispo
LuxorLX 250P-60250poly0,545dispo
LuxorLX 250M - 60250mono0,576dispo
LuxorLX 250M - 60 FULL BLACK250mono0,595dispo
LuxorLX 260P-60260poly0,555dispo
LuxorLX 260M - 60 Black Frame260mono0,587dispo
LuxorLX 260M - 60 FULL BLACK260mono0,605dispo
LuxorLX 265M - 60 FULL BLACK265mono0,625dispo
LuxorLX 270M - 60270mono0,625dispo
LuxorLX 270M - 60 FULL BLACK270mono0,635dispo
LuxorLX 275M - 60275mono0,635dispo
LuxorLX 280M - 60 280mono0,645dispo
HeckertNeMo 54P 220220poly0,585dispo
HeckertNeMo 54P 225225poly0,585dispo
HeckertNeMo 54P 230230poly0,585dispo
HeckertNeMo 54P 235235poly0,605dispo
HeckertNeMo 60 P 245245poly0,585dispo
HeckertNeMo 60 P 250250poly0,585dispo
HeckertNeMo 60 P 255255poly0,585dispo
HeckertNeMo 60 P 260260poly0,595dispo
HeckertHS P 205 Solrif205poly0,735dispo
HeckertHS P 210 Solrif210poly0,735dispo
BENQSunForte 325 (616 Pcs)325mono0,859dispo
BENQSunforte 327 (616 Pcs)327mono0,859dispo
BENQSunforte 330 (616 Pcs)330mono0,879dispo
BENQTriplex PM060P00 250 +5% bonus (832 Pcs)                     PRIX DDP EU250poly0,54dispo
BENQTriplex PM060P00 260 +5% bonus (832 Pcs)                     PRIX DDP EU260poly0,54dispo
BENQTriplex PM060M02 275 Black +5% bonus (832 Pcs)         PRIX DDP EU275poly0,62dispo
BENQTriplex PM060M02 280 Black +5% bonus (832 Pcs)         PRIX DDP EU280poly0,61dispo
BENQTriplex PM060P00 260 10% bonus (832 Pcs)                     PRIX DDP EU260poly0,576dispo
SmaSunny boy 240240inverter103ok
SmaSunny boy 1.51500inverter533ok
SmaSunny boy 2.52500inverter725ok

SmaFLX PRO 1515000inverter
SmaFLX PRO 1717000inverter
Power OneMICRO-0.25-I-OUTD250inverter125ok
Power OneMICRO-0.3-I-OUTD300inverter141ok
Power OneUNO-2.0-I-OUTD2000inverter664ok
Power OneUNO-2.0-I-OUTD-S2000inverter684ok
Power OneUNO-2.5-I-OUTD2500inverter714ok
Power OneUNO-2.5-I-OUTD-S2500inverter738ok
Power OnePVI-3.0-TL-OUTD3000inverter688ok
Power OnePVI-3.0-TL-OUTD-S3000inverter725ok
Power OnePVI-3.6-TL-OUTD3600inverter766ok
Power OnePVI-3.6-TL-OUTD-S3600inverter802ok
Power OnePVI-4.2-TL-OUTD4200inverter832ok
Power OnePVI-4.2-TL-OUTD-S4200inverter869ok
Power OnePVI-5000-TL-OUTD 5000inverter870ok
Power OnePVI-5000-TL-OUTD-S5000inverter906ok
Power OnePVI-6000-TL-OUTD 6000inverter951ok
Power OnePVI-6000-TL-OUTD-S6000inverter1000ok
Power OnePVI-10.0-TL-OUTD10000inverter13552-3 weeks
Power OnePVI-10.0-TL-OUTD-S10000inverter14072-3 weeks
Power OnePVI-10.0-TL-OUTD-FS10000inverter14182-3 weeks
Power OnePVI-12.0-I-OUTD12000inverter19022-3 weeks
Power OnePVI-12.0-I-OUTD-S12000inverter19822-3 weeks
Power OnePVI-12.5-TL-OUTD12500inverter15162-3 weeks
Power OnePVI-12.5-TL-OUTD-S12500inverter15612-3 weeks
Power OnePVI-12.5-TL-OUTD-FS12500inverter15742-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-5.8-TL-OUTD5800inverter998ok
Power OneTRIO-5.8-TL-OUTD-S5800inverter1028ok
Power OneTRIO-7.5-TL-OUTD7500inverter1185ok
Power OneTRIO-7.5-TL-OUTD-S7500inverter1237ok
Power OneTRIO-8.5-TL-OUTD8500inverter1242ok
Power OneTRIO-8.5-TL-OUTD-S8500inverter1285ok
Power OneTRIO-20.0-TL-OUTD20000inverter23312-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-20.0-TL-OUTD-S220000inverter23882-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-20.0-TL-OUTD-S2X20000inverter26592-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-27.6-TL-OUTD27600inverter27362-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-27.6-TL-OUTD-S227600inverter27922-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-27.6-TL-OUTD-S2X27600inverter30642-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-33.0-TL-OUTD33000inverter26852-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-33.0-TL-OUTD-S33000inverter27492-3 weeks
Power OneTRIO-33.0-TL-OUTD-SX33000inverter29732-3 weeks
KIT 3kwp SYSTOVI + micro ENPHASE1 Kit résidential 3Kwp  ( V-SYS Pro 250Wp poly FULL BLACK + micro inverter + coffrets AC + câbles et intégration GSE)3000poly3998dispo
KIT  6kwp SYSTOVI + micro ENPHASE1 Kit résidential 6Kwp  ( V-SYS Pro 250Wp poly FULL BLACK + micro inverter + coffrets AC + câbles et intégration GSE)6000poly7438dispo
KIT 9kwp SYSTOVI + micro ENPHASE1 Kit résidential 9Kwp  ( V-SYS Pro 250Wp poly FULL BLACK + micro inverter + coffrets AC + câbles et intégration GSE)9000poly10758dispo
KIT 3kwp SYSTOVI + onduleur central EFFEKTA1 Kit résidential 3Kwp  ( V-SYS Pro 250Wp poly FULL BLACK + inverter + coffrets AC/DC + câbles et intégration GSE)3000poly3125dispo
KIT 6kwp SYSTOVI + onduleur central EFFEKTA1 Kit résidential 6Kwp  (  V-SYS Pro 250Wp poly FULL BLACK + inverter + coffrets AC/DC + câbles et intégration GSE)6000poly5831dispo
KIT 9kwp SYSTOVI + onduleur central POWER ONE GARANTIE 10 ANS1 Kit résidential 9Kwp  (  V-SYS Pro 250Wp poly FULL BLACK + inverter + coffrets AC/DC + câbles et intégration GSE)9000poly8900dispo

Nicolas Fabre,
3 Sept 2015, 02:17